Silica Gel desiccants

Silica Gel is a glass-like, porous structure of SiO2. Pore opening size ranges a magnitude up and down from a billionth of a meter (nano-meter). The pores create a huge surface area, which will bind water through surface absorption and capillary action.

Moisture Absorption

Silica Gel desiccants are available in different qualities, which exhibit different absorption characteristics. In general a particular Silica Gel will have a maximum absorbance at a particular relative humidity. The absorbance will fall off at either direction from this point.


Under optimal conditions Silica Gel will absorb up to 40% of its own weight, but under practical conditions usually much less.

The absorption ability falls at temperatures above 30-40°C. Although some moisture can be absorbed at temperatures up to 80°C, the risk of re-evaporation of already absorbed moisture make silica gel unsuitable for use in an environment where temperatures of above 40°C may occur even temporarily.

NOTE: Silica Gel desiccants are NOT suitable as a shipping desiccant, but can be used in packages where the risk of high temperatures is small.

The following is a breakdown of our Silica Gel desiccant range:

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