Shipping (Container) Desiccants

Shipping (Container) Desiccants are a highly effective low cost solution to prevent Moisture Damage, Container Rain, Rust and Mould growth which can cost your business thousands of dollars in damaged products!

Our container desiccants are based on Calcium Chloride and have a vigorous absorption rate with the capability of aborbing over 200% of it's weight, over a large temperature range and offers superior absorption and protection. They are easy to use and are designed to hang within a corrugation recess of the container side panel or in the ceiling. Minimal space is occupied and accidental damage from forklifts during stuffing and un-stuffing is avoided.

Absortech Australia offer a superior range of container desiccants for shipping containers, packaging desiccants as well other specialized applications such as dunnage bags and slip sheets.

Absortech Desiccants are recommended for any company shipping cargo (freight) around the world or part of all logistics company's protection policy of all transported goods.

Comparity Chart over Absortech's Desiccant Products

ProductsPure CaClClaywith Gelling AgentRobust CaseIdeal for Bulk Cargo
Container Desiccants
Absorgel PouchYesYes
Desiccant Bags
Other products
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