Shipping Desiccants

Every year thousands of cargoes suffer damage by moisture. Metal cargoes arrive rusted or oxidized, cartons soft and moldy. Wooden crates are found covered by smelly black mold. Containers of coffee, cocoa, nuts and beans arrive dripping with damp, moldy and inedible. The losses amount to millions of dollars.

Most of this damage can be prevented with the appropriate use of moisture absorbing Shipping Desiccants. Use the wide range of Shipping Desiccants from Absortech Australia to protect your business agains Container Sweat and Container Rain.

Gel-based Desiccants
(absorb up to 250% of their weight)
Calcium-based Desiccants
(absorb up to 150% of their weight)
MD – Mineral Desiccants
(absorb up to 70% of their weight)
Absorgel 1KgAbsortopEbsorb 2Kg
Absorgel pouchesAbsorbagEbsorb 1Kg