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Protect your Products with our Desiccant Solutions

Moisture damage is as unpredictable as it is costly. Damage may appear in a variety of forms – rust, mould, fungus, odour, discolouration, packaging breakage and direct product damage. Absortech desiccant solutions protect your products by powerfully absorbing moisture.

Shipping in containers is an economical and safe way of shipping most types of cargo. 

Which product suits me best? Finding the right solution for reliable protection.

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Shipping Desiccants

Absortech shipping desiccants are known worldwide for their superior desiccant products and are considered the number one shipping desiccant supplier in the industry with a distribution network in over 45 countries.

Absortech Australia specialize in effective solutions for moisture damage (container rain), not only in shipping containers but also packaging and inbox desiccants.

Absortech shipping desiccants use calcium chloride which has vigorous absorption capabilities over a large temperature range offering superior performance and the total protection of your cargo. We have a number of products to suit all types of cargo shipments and our shipping desiccants will protect your cargo from moisture damage whether you’re shipping steel, nuts, (bulk) agricultural goods or packaged cargo around the corner or around the globe.

We guard your products from moisture

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Packaging Desiccants

Absortech also offer a large variety of packaging desiccants which can be used in conjunction with the Absortech shipping desiccants to protect your cargo. The packaging desiccants Esorb range are non-toxic mineral and clay desiccants and offer a superior desiccant solution in both its design and use of absorbent materials. The absorbent materials (MD and MT), absorb well at all humidity levels and effectively lock in trapped moisture to reduce re-evaporation and prevent oversaturation. Esorb come in various sizes and packaging materials to suit your needs, including desiccants that conform to MIL-D-3464 and other international standards.

Absortech Australia’s shipping and packaging desiccants offer you a complete solution for total moisture protection of your cargo.